Flower Power [Eco Tote Bag]


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This artist from India creates unique patterns and designs made of nature photography. He soaks up the atmosphere, captures the moment and then creates a mandala and product combination according to the natural experience.
Known from Boom Festival, ZNA Gathering and other psychedelic open air festivals mandalas.by.nature became an attractor for cyber gypsies, steam punks and other beautiful creatures of this planet.

Say goodbye to plastic, and bag your goodies in this organic cotton tote bag. There’s more than enough room for groceries, books, and anything in between.

• 100% certified organic cotton 3/1 twill
• Fabric weight: 8 oz/yd² (272 g/m²)
• Dimensions: 16” x 14 ½” x 5”
• Weight limit: 30lbs (13.6 kg)
• 1” wide dual straps, 24 1/2" length
• Open main compartment

Our perception of reality is only a matter of perspective
I believe our individual reality is how we perceive it, through our own perspectives, conditioning and frequencies. Using simple tools, I modify photographs I have taken of nature and the elements, changing their visual perspective to create mandalas.
From looking at the beautiful, complex patterns, the original reality – the photograph, seems difficult to unravel at first. I believe, however, that the flow of energy and information contained in the designs remains true to the original source.
From the mandalas, yoga and lifestyle products are created with love and intention. Besides the designs being beautiful, the products are intended to resonate with an element or chakra they represent, through the source image and colors used. One may want to work with their fire element, or ignite their throat chakra with a pair of blue leggings or yoga mat. We can harmonise and balance our vibrations with simple tools like these from the outside – the aid the real work that has to be done – inside 🙂

A quick chakra guide maybe useful. What resonates with you today?
First – Root Chakra Red | Earth
Second – Sacral Chakra Orange | Water
Third – Solar chakra Yellow | Fire
Fourth – Heart Chakra Green | Air
Fifth – Throat Chakra Bue | Spirit
Sixth – Third Eye Chakra Indigo | Aether
Seventh – Crown Chakra Violet | Time/Space

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Size Chart

Size guide

Bag width (inches)16
Bag height (inches)14 ½
Bag depth (inches)5
Strap lenght (inches)24 1/2
Strap width (inches)1
Bag width (cm)41
Bag height (cm)37
Bag depth (cm)13
Strap lenght (cm)61
Strap width (cm)3