For Visionary Art Buyers: it’s quite simple. You select your desired piece and place an order. We send it to you, safe and insured. You receive your ordered canvas or framed poster within a few days while directly supporting the artist. Of course we provide you with a tracking link and after-sales support, if wanted.

For Visionary Art Creators: It’s quite simple as well: you provide us with your digital artwork files. We create your canvas and framed poster prints with our partners and send them out. You don’t need to take care of anything else. We even do the advertising.

The process is the following:

  1. You sign a contract and send us your artwork as PNG or JPG
  2. We create your canvas and framed art print preview images
  3. We start promoting your artwork including paid ads
  4. A collector orders your artwork, we produce and send it
  5. You get your share of the profit by bank transfer, PayPal or Bitcoin

Why does this work?

Many marketplaces are overcrowded and you have to keep an eye on keywords, ad spendings, following their guidelines and technical aspects.

With our strong focus on high quality visionary art on gallery-level canvas, paper and frames we are able to attract the right audience through all our digital and real world channels.

Maybe right now you hunt for keywords, deal with technical issues, create social media postings, contracts, packaging, shipping, returns, taking care of everything. And then you shall be able to do your artwork to the fullest? We simply take over all the tasks you don’t want to do. We love to do them!

Every marketing dollar spent by us benefits ALL artists on our platform. Instead of you bidding per click on possible reach and sales we spend money on optimised campaigns benefiting all artists.

The generated profit is transparent and you can define the minimum price or percentage you want from each sale. You will always receive the maximum amount possible. Besides the visionary art gallery we also run auctions and real world events.

We are experts in art, online marketing, logistics and tech. And we come from artist families ourselves. You can call us the nerd agency of the visionary art scene. And we want you to be 100% in your art.

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